Setting your white balance is a debatable subject. Some photographers think setting a custom white balance is the best approach and others feel a grey card is the preferred method and others believe using the camera Auto White Balance is the way to go.

Then there is the ExpoDisc fans. So, for those of you who are curious about how to use an ExpoDisc, here is a helpful guide.

The ExpoDisc is a way to set a custom white balance. The ExpoDisc reads the light hitting your subject and then takes that information to create the custom white balance. Think of it as an incident metering tool.

Here are the steps:

  1. Cover the Lens.  Attach the ExpoDisc to the front of your lens (white side towards camera).  If your ExpoDisc is larger than your lens filter size, simply hold the ExpoDisc flat over the lens.
  2. Manual Lens Focus (If Necessary).  Some cameras require the lens to be in manual focus to capture an exposure through the ExpoDisc.  Note: This is not necessary when using Nikon cameras to set a Preset white balance.
  3. Set Camera Exposure.  Program or Aperture mode will automatically produce a good exposure through the ExpoDisc when shooting in ambient light.  However, if you are shooting in Manual mode you must first set a good exposure prior to capturing your custom white balance reference image.

Personally I have found the auto mode works great for most cameras. I would suggest trying different methods to find out what works best for you. Different situations might call for different tools. You might find a grey card is your best solution or maybe the ExpoDisc is your best option. Don’t rule anything out until you have tried them.

And as always, get out and shoot.

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