That’s right. Contrary to most of the photographers out there, you can choose not to push your shutter button.

Too often, when I am shooting games, I will hear other photographers snapping photos like crazy.

Then, there is me.

There are many times I will put the camera up to my eye, select my target, position my finger slightly above the shutter button, follow the play until its end, and………not take a photo.

Did you catch that? I did not take a photo.

I only commit to the shutter button when I see an immediate image or a image about to come into play.

At a game or other sports action event, you need to allow yourself to get immersed into the atmosphere but not so much you are caught up in the click, click, click, of taking photos just to take photos. It’s okay if you don’t take 1,000 photos. You are allowed to only take 400, if that is all it takes to get the job done.

When you are just getting started, it’s easy to just take photos of everything and anything. However, those photos need to be culled and then edited. Just imagine taking 2,000 photos that you have to go through one by one and select the best and then, editing those photos.

I can’t.

You need to develop the eye for the shot and train yourself to know when to press the button. You don’t want to get in the habit of taking a burst of photos in the hopes of getting that great image.

Great images are made, not taken.

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