When I am working a game, I always take time to talk to other photographers.  I don’t talk too much and never when there is action taking place.  But, it’s a good way to make friends and even pick up tricks you may not have thought about.  Over the years I have discovered many of us sports photographers have made mistakes.  Below is ten of the more common, let’s call them lessons, that have been learned.


  1. Make sure your camera batteries are fully charged before you head out.  Ummm, duh.
  2. Don’t forget to removed any photos from your memory cards and then format them.  It can be frustrating to start shooting and notice you have shot 400 photos and it’s only the first few minutes of an event.  That’s when you realize you forget to format your card.
  3. Don’t leave your gear at home.  If you forget your gear and have to travel back home or hotel to get it, in most cases you might as well just stay home and ESPN and chill.
  4. Always be ready to shoot. Have your camera in hand or nearby, turned on, lens cap off, and correct settings set. You don’t want to miss the shot of a lifetime because you weren’t ready.
  5. Know where you gear is at all times.  You never know when another photographer will play a trick on you and move your gear.
  6. Review your shots by using the screen on the back of your camera.  Sometimes bumps can move dials and mess up your settings.
  7. When shooting an outside event, check weather conditions.
  8. Always be aware of your surroundings.  Don’t be concentrating so much you get taking out by a player.
  9. Utilize a non-destructive editing workflow.  Once the original is destroyed, there’s no CTRL Zing it.
  10. Listen to your gut.  If you feel moving will get you a better shot, do it….do it now.

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