It should be a no brainer but sometimes we still need friendly reminders.  Today’s reminder is pretty simple and straight forward.

Don’t remove your memory card from your camera when data is being written to the card.

If you removed your card during the process of transferring data, you could possibly lose some or all of your photos you worked so hard to capture.  And when it comes to sports photography, you will more than likely never capture those moments in time again.  You know that state championship winning softball photo full of celebration and happiness, it’s gone.  Oh, and that game winning touchdown pass, it’s gone.  All because you were in a hurry to remove your card.

There is also a chance of damaging your card and rendering it useless.   Then, you will have to purchase a replacement.  Yes, memory cards are relatively cheap these days but, why spend money on something that could have been avoided.

Personally, I usually don’t remove my card unless the camera is turned off but on those occasions when I remove it when the camera is on, I always wait a few seconds after my indicator light turns off before I attempt to remove my card.

There you have it.  A friendly reminder that seems common sense but, there are many photographers who forget this simple thing.

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