Here are a few thoughts I have about shooting from behind home plate.  These work for both softball and baseball.

When shooting from behind home plate, which has a fence that protects us common folk from injury, you place the end of your lens as close to the fence as possible. Personally, I am always right up against the fence; shooting through the fence gaps.  I try to always leave my lens hood on but there are occasions that call for its removal.  (Click HERE for two reasons to use your lens hood)

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You can get some great different perspective shots that you can’t get shooting from other field positions.  Not only can you get shots of the pitcher/batter battle, but you can also get shots of the short stop and second base plays.  And if you get lucky, you might even get a great throw out at home.

Now, if you try this technique, you need to really pay attention to the action.  Balls getting past the catcher, or foul balls could be devastating to your lens.  Those balls are traveling fast and if you had your lens against the fence, you could end up with a broken lens.  Not good.  Be ready to quickly move your lens off the fence.

Now would be a good time to utilize back button focus or manual focus.  This will ensure your camera doesn’t pick a subject other than what you want.  For example If your main focus is the pitcher’s release, you don’t want the camera to decide to focus on the umpire instead.

I realize that putting your lens right up against the fence may make some of you uncomfortable.  If that is the case, you can move back a couple inches and  then choose a large aperture like 2.8 or 3.2.  This will narrow the depth of field and will help to blow out the fence making it almost invisible.

As with most sports shots, you will want to get as low as possible.  You may end up on your knees.  So, wear some knee pads or take some other form of padding to alleviate stress on your joints.

Ok, now, get out and shoot.

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