So, you’re shooting night time football, and when you import your images into your favorite post processing software, you find that many times your subject may be in focus but your photos are not sharp.  You even installed a plugin that confirms that your focus point was on your subject.  

Getting a tack sharp shot has a lot to do with shutter speed.  if your shutter speed is too low, maybe because you’re compensating for poor lighting and poor high ISO camera capabilities, your images might appear slightly out of focus.  So, follow these three quick tips to improve your shots:

  • Keep your shutter speed as high as possible.  I would recommend not going below 1/500.
  • The speed of the action is also important. Try to snap your photo at a point where the subject pauses or is momentarily stopped.
  • Know the limitations of your gear.  Yes, it’s common sense but many beginner sports photographers do not read their camera manual.

Now, get out and shoot.

If you want something more visual, check out my videos.


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